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“I Have a Message for You” – Miracle Holocaust Story in New York Times Op-Docs (Video)

"To escape Auschwitz, she left her father to die. Decades later she got a message from him" This incredibly moving documentary is by Matan Rochlitz, a filmmaker and a musician based in Rome, Italy. The subject, Kara, is the 92-year-old neighbour of his family in Tel...

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Remembrance Day and Famous Canadians Resource: John McCrae (In Flanders Fields)

Reading and Listening Resources: Preview Available Now There may be no finer Canadian to profile for the "Famous Canadians" units than John McCrae, the soldier poet who penned the infamous "In Flanders Fields," a poem of international renown. McCrae died at a rather...

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Famous Canadians Featured in NY Times’ “Canada: Profiles in Culture”

I just discovered yet another amazing resource, "Canada: Profiles in Culture." This one comes courtesy of the NY Times. Whether or not you're a teacher, if you are looking for readings on interesting Canadians you should check this publication out. The Times has...

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