Sharing Canadian Culture. Creating Digital Stories.

Distribution module title card

This module covers the following:

  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • YouTube and Soundcloud

After the production period concludes, it’s time to consider distribution. (Of course you may also be considering this all the way through the process). Will participants share their work publicly or privately? Will the stories be available online? Where will they be hosted? These are all important considerations.

Presentations are important after the digital story has been created. In the context of a social service agency, facilitators typically organize a presentation night. All participants are welcome to share their stories. A theatre rental might be ideal, but a classroom or gymnasium with a screen, projector and PA system would work too. It’s up to you and depends on your budget. What’s important is to host a final wrap party of some kind, to congratulate everyone on their hard work and share the amazing media that’s been produced.

Websites are ideal for hosting your digital storytelling projects. While we recommend WordPress any content management system will work. You can embed your audio or video into pages or posts, and share with friends and family around the world. WordPress has two flavours – free and self-hosted. If you want your own domain, like “” you should choose to install the self-hosted variety, otherwise you’re dealing with

YouTube and Soundcloud are examples of media hosting sites with social sharing capability. They are less customizable than your own website but a great option for quick and reliable posting and delivery.