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While most digital storytelling workshops suggest that video is the primary editing tool, Ancestry Project promotes a simplified approach. Since audio is the key we believe that audio editing software can be the primary editing tool.

There’s nothing wrong with conventional digital storytelling but video escalates the complexity many-fold. There may be a requirement for faster computers, more Internet bandwidth and bigger software costs.

If you do go the traditional route, experts often suggest free or inexpensive tools like Windows Moviemaker, iMovie on Mac, Adobe Premiere trial or “Elements” version, or subscriptions to WeVideo, an online editing program. As of 2017 Microsoft has discontinued Moviemaker.


There are a number of free alternatives. Read the article at TechRadar.

If you focus on audio production everything can be done inside software like Adobe Audition or Audacity. If your budget allows for purchase or licensing of software we suggest investigating the viability of acquiring Adobe Creative Cloud (education pricing is competitive).