Sharing Canadian Culture. Creating Digital Stories.
Unit Progress:

Most often digital storytelling tends to take the shape of video production. But at Ancestry Project we ask why not just produce audio files? Or even a PowerPoint slideshow? Let’s simplify the techniques and technology. It’s easier to get started and produce something great.

Recording voice and exporting to a portable audio file format like is the key. MP3s at small enough that they can be emailed or posted as a streaming audio file on a website or blog.

Adding images is simple. A web page can host 1 or 2 accompanying photos or even a gallery of thumbs that link to full-size pictures.

Here’s an example of an audio file and a companion photo, presented in a simple but powerful two-column layout on a WordPress page:

Scots to Canada website with audio player

You can see this live on the website:


I’ve written an article that outlines my vision of an audio-focused digital storytelling approach.