Sharing Canadian Culture. Creating Digital Stories.
Unit Progress:

Notes and Requirements

As far as tech goes, any modern browser will allow you to view the content and media. For production you will require a reasonably fast computer, an Internet connection, and the use of online and offline software such as Google Drive, Audacity or Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Elements (for documents, audio and video editing). A lot of the software is free or inexpensive. You will need a microphone or voice recorder to capture spoken word. You can read more about suggested technology in “Production: Tools, Technology, Software.”

Final Note

It’s important to stress that many people involved with digital storytelling find that the process is as important or more important than the final product.

So, enjoy the process. And best of luck with your productions. Please share links when you’re finished something you’re proud of. I am sincerely interested in seeing your work and the work of your program participants.