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Unit Progress:

Related to project management, organizing the work of participants is a central part of the process. I’ve found that online tools work best, and access for all is most ideal. How to accomplish this?

My suggestion is that a system is created that facilitates project discussion and presentation online. A discussion forum is ideal. A learning management system, website, or blog can provide a space for an instructor to post instructions and examples, and allow students to comment. Students describe their topics and media, and can go back and revise as development evolves.

It goes without saying that a private system works best, and ensures the participants are in control of their work in a comfortable environment. By default LMS forums would only be open to registered users, and WordPress blogs and websites can be set up the same way.

When production is finished a new forum log post thread or private can be created and all participants can post or link to their work.

Tip: If you do not have an LMS, you can easily set up one like Schoology. Free accounts allow instructors to create 2 courses. WordPress is another option. You can use the self-hosted version or free “.com version.”