Sharing Canadian Culture. Creating Digital Stories.
Unit Progress:

Writing should take place over a number of days or sessions. This is an approach where students write, get feedback, write, get more feedback and then begin to work on recording. Peers and/or project supervisors can conduct editing and offer feedback.

Discussion is optional but often positive for all participants. In some settings, such as a group focused on support of refugees and other immigrants, a few stages of discussion benefit the development of the stories. In the case, for instance, of English as a second language speakers, practice sessions allow participants to get more comfortable with talking about their subject. This can allow for refinement and the ability to speak more spontaneously when recording.

Tip: As a teacher I’ve found that some ESL English students speak more clearly when speaking spontaneously. Therefore practice and the allowance of some deviation from a script can be helpful in obtaining a good recording with more natural speech.